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We strive to have clear, transparent pricing, so you never get surprised by a bill. Joining our DPC at $100/month is a great way to save money, and establish a relationship for long-term care. You can also cancel your membership anytime — no strings attached. 

DPC Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited extended office visits (At least 30 minutes EVERY visit).
  • Unlimited phone, text, e-mail, and videochat visits when clinically appropriate.
  • FREE Meds! learn more
  • One Well Woman Exam or Men’s Comprehensive Physical per year*
  • Discounted procedures, labs, and jumpstart plans.
  • So much more!

*Lab fees paid separately

More About Our DPC

For those who don’t want to become members, we have Non-member pricing for individual services. For detailed information on all our pricing, see the table below.




  • Call, text, or email your doctor
  • Unlimited 30-minute visits
  • FREE meds — over 1000 common medications available
  • Discounted procedures, labs, and jumpstart plans.

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Membership Member Pricing Non-member Pricing
DPC monthly membership fee $100 NA
DPC membership billed yearly $1,100 NA
DPC initial membership 200 after consult NA
DPC H and P $400 NA
Services Member Pricing Non-member Pricing
Lifestyle Medicine Consult $150 $400
Medical Marjuana Assessment and Application Included $150
Procedures (i.e. skin biopsy or laceration repair) Discounted rate for members. Med, Lab, & supply cost not included $300-$1000
OMT 1 15 min Included $50
OMT 2 20 min $20 $70
OMT 3 30 min $30 $90
OMT4 40 min $40 $110
Well Woman exam Included plus cost of med and lab, $30-$100 350 plus lab fee
Qaurterly education Included $150
After hours urgent care visits Check with on-call doctor N/A
Consult for surgery Included N/A
Follow up clinic visit Included $150
Weight loss consultation $150. Meds not included. $400
Labs Member Pricing Non-member Pricing
Rapid strep Discounted rate for members $15
Urine preg Discounted rate for members $15
Urinalysis in office Discounted rate for members $15
Ultrasound (limited) if appropriate Discounted rate for members $15-60
Rapid flu/covid Discounted rate for members seasonal
Complex Care Member Pricing Non-member Pricing
HTN (Hypertension) management Included Based on package
Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol) Included Based on package
Diabetes management general Included Based on package
Autoimmune management Included
Long haul COVID Assessment and planning included. Discounted price for Jumpstart.
Hospital follow up Included Based on package
Second opinion Included $400
Remote patient monitoring Based on devices used, 20% savings Based on devises used
Treatments and Testing Member Pricing Non-member Pricing
Vitamin intramuscular or subcutaneous injections Included. Med cost not included $70
Pap smears Included. Lab cost not included Contact office
Joint aspirations Included. Lab cost not included NA
Allergy testing $150 $250
Allergy services-full year(initial testing, 3 yr follow up visits, repeat test Inc and lab and drop cost $980
Allergy drop therapy 3 mo supply $150 $175
Sprain assessment and treatment Included. Radiology cost/supply not inluded
Lab send outs may be done wherever you prefer, but we offered reduced cash pricing with Quest and Boyce and Bynum
Jumpstart Programs Member Pricing Non-member Pricing Plan Length
Cooking assessment $360.00 $400 1.5 hours
Park Dis $1440.00 $1,600 8 weeks
PCOS $1800.00 $2,000 12 weeks
Pre-Diabetes $1800.00 $2,000 12 weeks
Menopause $1800.00 $2,000 10 12 weeks
Rejuvenation $1080.00 $1,200 10 12 weeks
Breast Class $1800.00 $2,000 10 12 weeks
Athlete Optimize $720.00 $800 4 weeks
Adulting $1800.00 $2,000 12 16 weeks
Autoimmune Reversal $1620.00 $1,800 10 12 weeks
Gut health1000 $900.00 $1,000
Medicare Number of classes Class length Price Per year
Cookinng class, general education and group support
Parkinson's reduced protein support cooking class 6 classes 1-1.5 hrs $900 2x year
No heart disease 6 classes 1-1.5 hrs $900 2x year
Anti-aging 4 classes 1-1.5 hrs $550
Fasting 2 classes 1-1.5 hrs $300
Diabetes LIVE 6 classes 1-1.5 $900
Prevent Prostate Cancer 5 classes 1-1.5 hrs $750
*No consultation, or personalized medicine

*Lab send-outs may be done wherever you prefer, but we offered reduced cash pricing with Quest and Boyce and Bynum

*No consultation, or personalized medicine for medicare classes